Global Auto Inc. Apprenticeship

Global Auto Inc offers an Apprenticeship Program for future Automotive Service Technicians who want a career in the Automotive Repair Field. The Apprenticeship Program combines on-the-job practice with technical instruction and academic classroom instruction to train students to develop into highly skilled and knowledgeable Automotive Service Technicians. Owner, Norman Hoyt, built his business, Global Auto Inc. into a reputable automotive shop where people can get their vehicle(s) repaired, and the Student Apprentice can learn through established training. In collaboration with NAPA Auto Parts and Warsaw Area Career Center, the Student Apprentices follow a structured course at the training facility that Mr. Hoyt built. The training facility is located at Global Auto Inc.

In November of 2020, NAPA Auto Parts presented a scholarship to a former Student Apprentice who completed the program through Global Auto Inc. Apprentice Program. The Student Apprentice was awarded a $500 Automotive Excellence scholarship.

Global Auto Inc. Apprentice Program

Pictured above is the NAPA team representing NAPA Auto Parts; from left, Jason Heckaman sales manager at NAPA, Nick Lowman recipient, Josh Witt, owner of Warsaw Automotive Supply Corp., and Alan Hoyt, owner, and teacher at Global Auto Inc.

For more information about the program, please feel free to contact a representative at Global Auto Inc.