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Established in 1995.

We started in 1995 with the concept of "Global" with which we meant all cars and all people. Over the years we started a migration to European Imports as we enjoy the European technology. Currently we are fully equipped for all of the European Imports to diagnose, repair/replace any and all modules, perform immobilizer initializations and reprogram all on board computers. We have all of the dealership capabilities and are able to do numerous procedures that they cannot or will not do. We also have the unique advantage of a support team of technicians for each European make and access to engineers in the UK that will analyze the full vehicle scan and come back within 24 hours with an answer on what is taking place in the complex on board network of computers that is the life of your euro car.

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Global Auto Inc. is a European Imports specialist shop. We are a team that has as our first priority a professional approach to your vehicle. Our diagnostic equipment and support meets and exceeds that of the dealership. Our goal is to work as a team that cares for the immediate and long term of your vehicle but also allows the customer to weigh in with their goals and budgets. We value relationship and believe that excellent service and long term satisfaction can only be achieved where there is a foundation of trust.

Meet the Business Owner

Norman H.

Business Owner

Auto Repair Services in Warsaw, IN - Global Auto Inc

Born and raised in Argentina I grew up with respect for the "mechanic". When the opportunity came my way I got into this field and have since seen many transitions. What I do today bears almost no resemblance to what I did in 1984. The change from "mechanic" to what should actually be "engineer" or "systems analyst" has been a significant challenge for many automotive technicians. As to myself, I truly love the new technology with it's challenges. At times it is overwhelming but the day when all is fixed and there is not that impossible puzzle I realize how much I thrive on the mysterious nature of today's problems. European cars have become my favorite and the knowledge that I can do as much and more than the majority fuels my every day.